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Victoria Secret Serum 24K

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Victoria Secret Essence 24K Magic Beauty Face Serum Oil
Victoria Secret Essence 24K Magic Beauty Face Serum Oil in Pakistan
Face Care Secret 24K Magic Beauty Oil essence Makeup 30ML 24K Gold + Jojoba Oil face primer
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EXCELLENT: Provides instantaneous moisture and makes your skin glowing mowing.

• Do not leave any oily or sticky effects after use.

• Raising the aura of the user series treats acne and fades acne scarring.

• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

• Brightens and raises your skin series.

• Can be used to replace facial moisturizer and body lotion, but also studies have found that the use of oils can be absorbed by skin 80 times more than lotions.

• Can be used before make up, mixed in foundation and placed in beauty blender foundation brush to get an even and glowing make up effect.


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